Dear Scott,

Lonella and I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the home you have made us. The detailed and unique perspective has made our home truly ours; it is a pleasure to come home each day. As soon as we step foot in the entry we get to experience the finest in design. The constant compliments we receive give us pleasure and a sense of pride. Most importantly we feel true ownership of our home thanks to our constant inclusion in the design process.

Our daughter’s room is her sanctuary that still flows with the home; a two year old’s paradise wrapped within a modern home. The softness that was added to the modern vision we started with has made our home warm and inviting while still offering the variation and bold color changes that excite the eye. It was amazing that you were able to pull my wife’s steel tile selection and my iridescent glass tile into one comprehensive vision that flows so easily.

Working with existing features and helping our fixture selection not only saved our pocketbook but allowed us to go further than we had imagined. Thank you once again for changing a house into a home, you helped us to be bold when we should and reigned us in when we went over board. We hope you take as much pleasure in what you have created for us as we do. Scott, thank you for our home.

Thank you,

Lonella, Isaac, Sophia and Mia
Pismo Beach, CA

You’ve Been Framed is your answer to a Complete Custom Framing experience. I own the largest Salon and Day Spa in San Luis Obispo County and we have won several local awards that I wanted to display in the Salon. I needed a common thread that would make them all look like they were supposed to be hanging together in an upscale Salon & Spa. Scott knew exactly what I was looking for when he designed our first award. Then when we won subsequent awards, he used complimentary frame designs to bring the collection together, but designed each award to maintain it’s own flavor. The collection is very impressive hanging on the wall and our clients love the design as well as the awards.

In our Spa Manicure Pedicure area, Scott custom designed silver metallic nail polish racks that really set off that part of the Spa. Our nail product distributors keep asking me “Where did you buy those beautiful racks?” Even the clients want one for their home. Scott also worked with Interior Designer Stephen Patrick, in creating a custom wall design in our Spa hallway using willow reeds and framing material against a red wall. AMAZING!!! There’s nothing that I wouldn’t take to Scott knowing he will design it, frame it and make it one of a kind.

Todd LeMay
Owner, Blade Runner Salon & Day Spa
San Luis Obispo, CA

I’m so happy that Scott helped us with our home. He took our ideas, gave us his advice and we listened. The colors he chose for the walls were beautifully blended with other objects of art, pillows and all the little extras that not only make a beautiful presentation, but a very livable one as well. He has fabulous concepts, and worked with our ideas to make a harmonious working relationship. We have learned a lot from Scott and hope he will help us again. We would have no other.

Diane & Bill Wagner
Pismo Beach, CA

Hi Scott,

I want to personally thank you for the framing you did on our wine photo. It is Awesome and we LOVE it. It came out one thousand times better than I ever imagined. Thank you, thank you! We are so excited over it and can hardly wait to hang it. I surprised my husband with it and he thinks it is outstanding and we are so proud to display it in our home.

Karen and Steven Eason
Sacramento, CA

I was paralyzed with fear when deciding so many details about my kitchen remodel. It felt as though I had only one chance to choose and once it was either painted or installed I would have to live with it forever – even if I made a mistake. That was too much pressure and with so many particulars that seemed to have to match, fit precisely and be timely. Scott clarified and sorted all the details into a manageable sequence. He worked so well with my contractor, who was awesome. Scott divided the whole project into accomplishable stages and assisted me in making choices. I always felt as though I was making the decisions. He was very encouraging even if I chose something other than his recommendation. I was never pushed one way or the other. I was never made to feel badly about any of my choices. Scott took this once potentially chaotic event and made it into a streamlined, seamless and effortless sequence of enjoyable decisions on my part. The kitchen remodel outcome was flawless, beautiful and fun to create.

Sue Baldwin
Lompoc, CA

Hi Scott!

I just had to share with you how awesome our living room/dining room look! Holy cow! It just looks awesome! I will without hesitation give your card to anyone. Please let me know if you want me to give your name to others, as I just feel certain that you could make a difference for people.

Thank you so very much,
Shaye Yarnell, REALTOR®
Arroyo Grande, CA

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